Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Hound WIP (and something else)

Hello again!

Many months ago, I've posted this picture:

Later, this green torso evolved into this:

The hand is from classic WFB zombies, while legs are Cadian in origin - just like the barrel. And just a month or two later, I've started to paint it! It all happened so fast...

He is not yet finished, but I'm already very happy about it. His name is "Hound" - which serves as an explanation for the bone he is holding in his hand. He is just a simple bodyguard with brain implants (kind of a combat servitor, if you ask me), probably of a feral world provenance (as suggested by the good folks at the Ammobunker).

Oh, and there is yet another effect of me playing with BeeSPutty:

As you can see, it's not really a proper miniature. I've realised it when I started painting it. That's why he is curing his wounds after the head transplantation at the moment. More photos soon!

Thanks for reading and watching and for all your past and future comments!


  1. Those are looking great. Loving the paint work on the hound so far. Maybe he could get some tattoos/ body paint to give him a more grim dark look. :)

    1. Hey Quinn, thanks! Tattoos are a nice idea, but I need to learn how to paint those first. I will think about it!

  2. Great looking work on the Hound! I really like what you have done with his robotic/cannon arm.

    Quinn's idea of adding tattoos is a neat one.

    While this might be a little tricky to do now that you have started to paint the model, what are your thoughts of trying to add some extra gear to his belt? I always like trying to have me models well equipped. :)

    1. Thanks Adam!
      My initial plan was to add some jazz to the belt, but it turned out that I had no idea what to put there. In the effect, the miniature was just standing on the shelf and waiting, waiting...

      On the other hand, as he is supposed to be a mindless semi-mechanical brute, perhaps he doesn't need any additional equipment? His primary tasks are: shoot, crush, kill. Why distract his attention with some additional stuff? ;-)


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