Friday, 28 February 2014

The Tyrant of Idius

This particular project is very special to me. About a year ago, I've accidentally started browsing hobby webpages, blogs and forums and suddenly got interested in it (again), probably in much more mature way than I've used to be as a child. Since, back then, I was not very well, financially speaking, I could not spend too much on some shiny new miniatures and instead I decided to make some myself. I've been looking at some of those astounding FW miniatures and I've thought: "well, I can do that!". If it was only so simple... Anyway, this one was my first attempt at sculpting a whole miniature from scratch. It supposed to be an chaos space marine in terminator armour. From now on, let's just call him lord Thurm, the tyrant of Idius.

Now, those of you who are accustomed to regular GW terminator marines will notice that there is something wrong about this guy. Those armours are supposed to be bulky (rule wise), but this is just too much. I myself have not realised that until one of those stock miniatures came into my possession and I had a chance for some comparison. As the result, I've just left this one in some dark corner and tried to forget.
But then it turned out that I need a terminator guy for my chaos warband - it just fits my army list very well. But no, I could not just use this one. It would be shameful. Instead, I've decided to honour lord Thurm by cutting him and using some of the remains when converting a new, not so bulky, miniature. In fact, I think that some parts of him were not so bad. In particular, I really like the face-bolter.

To be honest, I've tried to salvage almost everything from it that would not look stupid when combined with regular terminator parts. So far the new lord Thurm, the tyrant of Idius, devourer of the thousand worlds etc. looks like this:

The new left hand is almost done as well. I am trying to achieve a similar posturę here, but no power fists this time.
What do you think? Is the new Thurm going to be a better one? Or maybe you prefer the old bulky one? It certainly had some style...

P.S. I've decided to further honour this grim warlord by renaming the whole blog after him. Behold the Tyrant of Idius, devourer of the thousand worlds!

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Non omnis...

After a few months of break, I think I'm back... There are even some WiP pictures!

As you can see I'm still building those damn CSM, but there is more to it than that.

I also hope to finish at least some of the conversions/minis I've started months ago. There are plenty of those, damnit!