Friday, 27 June 2014

The autosavant/lexmechanic WIP #3


Apparently, the autosavant character is evolving from a mere servitor into a proper techpriest!

I think that I've found a good place for the cherub. And a good place for another cherub too!
Moreover, his servo-arm is now finished - I've put scissors on it for him to cut his printouts when it's necessary. The chaos star on the staff was converted into something resembling the symbol of Adeptus Mechanicus.

I plan to make a few more improvements (including some cables here and there), but it's fairly possible that the model is nearly complete.
So, if you have any suggestions regarding the miniature, better hurry! Thanks!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The autosavant/lexmechanic WIP #2


I did some work on the autosavant character from the previous post. Slowly, the model is beginning to resemble my vision. The cherub was attached to the miniature only for the sake of finding a good composition.

I still have not decided what purpose will the mechanic arm serve. While I'm tempted to attach a chainsword or a plasma gun to it, perhaps the autosavant character should have a research-oriented utensils. Mayhap, some kind of magnifying glass or a telescope?

I also plan to do something about the arrows on the staff - it is clearly a Chaos-related symbol and that is probably not a good thing for a member of inquisitorial retinue.

How do you like the composition of the miniature? Should I look for a different place for the little guy or maybe it is ok? Thanks!

Edit: It was suggested to me that the current placement of the cherub is somewhat... disturbing! Don't be afraid - I'm already looking for a better solution. Cheers!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

The robed advisor & a new autosavant/lexmechanic character

Firstly, let me show you the pictures of the advisor character with a new head - just as promised!

Brilliant Stefan (KrautScientist) from the Eternal Hunt suggested that this guy could be a sort of a personal confessor for inquisitor de Lorme. This idea really seems to fit my own vision of this character - that is, someone who doesn't serve any purely practical purpose (like, for example, combat, data analysis, dish-washing etc.), yet who seems to be highly valued by the inquisitor.

Secondly, I've started working on yet another model. This time I want to make a sort of an autosavant/lexmechanic character. Those autosavant characters are supposed to be a kind of human computers, who are able to perform multiple complex computations in a very short time. On the other hand, there was a time when the computing machines did not have any kind of visual display and the output information was instead printed or punched on paper. So I thought - perhaps this could be a way which my autosavant uses for communicating the results of his own computations?

A quick sketch to give you an impression of what I have in mind:

The idea is that for some reasons this autosavant is no longer able to speak and he has to print his thoughts on paper instead! This printed/punched output is supposed to be an equivalent of speaking, thus it seems natural that the tape comes out through the hole placed in the mouth area...
Even more, this is a strange world of 40k, so I think that there is probably some servo-skull or a cherub who's only purpose is to read the printed data and pass them on to the relevant persons. I'm not yet sure if it is possible to translate this idea into the model, but I'm already trying:

Thanks for reading and don't forget to leave a comment! Cheers!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

The Hound WIP (and something else)

Hello again!

Many months ago, I've posted this picture:

Later, this green torso evolved into this:

The hand is from classic WFB zombies, while legs are Cadian in origin - just like the barrel. And just a month or two later, I've started to paint it! It all happened so fast...

He is not yet finished, but I'm already very happy about it. His name is "Hound" - which serves as an explanation for the bone he is holding in his hand. He is just a simple bodyguard with brain implants (kind of a combat servitor, if you ask me), probably of a feral world provenance (as suggested by the good folks at the Ammobunker).

Oh, and there is yet another effect of me playing with BeeSPutty:

As you can see, it's not really a proper miniature. I've realised it when I started painting it. That's why he is curing his wounds after the head transplantation at the moment. More photos soon!

Thanks for reading and watching and for all your past and future comments!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Cherub WIP #2

The cherub from the previous post is almost ready for painting. I've decided to use a kind of scroll/banner (not sure yet) to attach it to the base. It looks a bit strange, but I think that I like it.

And now - a bonus: