Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The autosavant/lexmechanic WIP #2


I did some work on the autosavant character from the previous post. Slowly, the model is beginning to resemble my vision. The cherub was attached to the miniature only for the sake of finding a good composition.

I still have not decided what purpose will the mechanic arm serve. While I'm tempted to attach a chainsword or a plasma gun to it, perhaps the autosavant character should have a research-oriented utensils. Mayhap, some kind of magnifying glass or a telescope?

I also plan to do something about the arrows on the staff - it is clearly a Chaos-related symbol and that is probably not a good thing for a member of inquisitorial retinue.

How do you like the composition of the miniature? Should I look for a different place for the little guy or maybe it is ok? Thanks!

Edit: It was suggested to me that the current placement of the cherub is somewhat... disturbing! Don't be afraid - I'm already looking for a better solution. Cheers!


  1. He's looking rather good. Im afraid your'e going to finish before I have even started my own. ;p. The cherubs pose didn't seem to suggestive to me, but it did look better with the new composition over on Ammobunker.
    Maybe you could give him a torch/telescope for his arm, to further highlight his librarianish/ scholarly aspect.

    1. Hey Quinn, thanks! Of course, I'm posting the WIP pictures to motivate you too! ;-)
      I agree that the new composition is better. As for the mechanical arm - I'm at the moment inclined to make an arm holding some kind of a big battery (or an ink container) that would be connected with the savant's head with a cable.

  2. I have started a basic blu tack version, but not much more ;(
    I forgot to say before, you can always keep the star as an halo type thing rather than the chaos star. It adds extra interest.
    I'm not sure about the single eyeball baby it is a bit reminiscent of the nurgling on Festus the Leechlord's back.

    1. Well, it could be o sort of an artificial eyeball - a kind of mask with a camera lens in the middle of the face or something like that.
      As for the star - personally, I don't find it too 'chaotic', but then again - my opinion is biased.

  3. Wow, he is looking really nice thus far. For his staff, you could consider changing the points of the star to pieces of and Inquisitor I.

    I think his eyes look a little strange the way they are slanted. I could envision them pointed directly forward. Thoughts?

    Also I feel his right hand may be slightly too large. What are your thoughts of kitbashing hands from other models? The hands on Brian Nelsion's Cadians always impressed me. There is a chance those are really large too though...

    Keep up the great work. It always impresses me how willing you are to try and sculpt your own components! I am not that brave yet...

    1. Thanks Adam!

      I'm aware that there is something wrong with the eyes/lens. But I'm starting to believe that the strange look is actually a good thing!

      As for the hand - you may be right. It is bigger than some of the heroic scale hands, but on the other... hand, some miniatures have even bigger hands. Anyway, this is a good advice - I'm going to compare the proportions with some of my other miniatures to see if it need some additional work (i.e. a new hand).

      BTW, I was trying to contact you (about the femme character), but I could not find your e-mail. Would you mind sending me an e-mail?

    2. I completely understand your thoughts on his eye lens. Sometimes the subtle strangeness can really do wonderful things for a model! Thoughts about adding some wires or cabling coming out of the back of his head?

      Also the little servo arm he has looks really nice thus far. I might think of adding some sort or generator or power supply on his back to power it.

      On a side note, I recently sent you an e-mail about that femme character. If you don't get anything, I can try and send another message.

    3. Well, cables coming out of the head are something I will definitely include at some point! Since I bought an appropriate tool for making cables and wires I've been trying to place cables on almost every inch of my miniatures. ;-)


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