Thursday, 24 October 2013

More CSM!

Back from dead! I'm still building more chaos space marines. Some WIP pictures:

Lastly, a sneak peek of my new project. It started as a part of a standard/icon bearer for CSMarines, but I think it is evolving in something different (not really sure what exactly). This picture is not up-to-date, I just want to make you curious!

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

New lens!

I am testing new lens (or old one - I used to use it with my good old analog Canon) and it seems like a good occassion to post some pictures of my Aspiring Champion. A backpack is on it's place - as I promised it's similar to those carried by GW's noise marines. Heads on GW's backpack are usually gold, but here gold/yellow would probably distract too much, so I went with Caspar-the-ghost-like greys.

I've also decided to repaint the coat of arms. The Eye seems to fit chaotic Evil devotee style much better, doesn't it?

Also, I need to comment on the colour differences between previous and new pictures. It's always good to remember how much reprocessing can change the reception of a painted miniature. In case you wonder which pictures are more similar to the "actual" miniature - old or new ones - there is no true answer. :)

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Painting white

It seems like a good moment for a new post!
I am now making an aspiring champion for the first of my chaos space marines squads (one of them was introduced here). It still needs some finishing paint drops and of course some missing parts. He's going to have a converted backpack - similar to those owned by GW's noise marines.
I probably should also repaint the coat of arms - it does not seem to fit into chaotic style at all.

I've decided to use this miniature to experiment with painting white clothes (and by white I mean white, not a very bright brown). It was tricky but I think that the effect is not bad. What do you think?

I am awaiting your comments! Please do share your opinions!


Thursday, 22 August 2013

Marines #1

Another Chaos Space Marine - just to ensure that there is something going on here.

Arms and legs are from Forge World's MkIV ‘Maximus’ Armour.
Head is from Citadel's Chaos Rhino sprue, backpack from Citadel's Chaos Bikers.
Bolter is converted FW's Umbra Ferrox X10.

Shoulder pads and torso were made from greenstuff. You could already see them here. These were casted in resin, since I've been planning to use them to build even more marines. Not sculpted very well, but I like them. The torso is bulky and slightly bigger than a regular one - which makes for an interesting silhouette - especially when combined with those MkIV legs, which have a rather slim and 'sexy' shape (can you see it? Maybe I'm just cheating myself). Also, flat surfaces make painting much easier.
Oh, and visible white on the base is not there on purpose. I just have to paint it yet.
Take care!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


Welcome to my new blog! I'm going to post here pictures of my miniatures - small soldiers I buy, sculpt, paint and then use them in tabletop wargames. But firstly, let me introduce myself.

My name is Tomasz, I live in Warsaw, Poland and I'm mostly interested in stuff like logic, philosophy, mathematics etc. Don't be scared - I'm not going to post anything about those things here.

I've started playing Warhammer circa 1999. It was nice but I've stopped playing few years later. There was a time when I would even consider miniatures to be too childish and not suitable for a mature person. But not anymore!

Few months ago, I've found myself interested in miniatures again. I'm painting, sculpting and playing. Since I'm spending much of my free time on those activities, I've decided to share some pictures of my miniatures. You can already find my profile on the best miniatures webpage online, namely, on the Putty & Paint. As you may already know, P&P is for finished projects only, so I still needed some place to post some WIP pictures. So I thought... a blog? Brilliant!

Occasionally, I might share an idea or two, but don't be afraid - I don't plan to make another painting NMM tutorial. There are already many of them out there.
Currently, I'm building a Chaos Space Marines army for Warhammer 40k, so you can expect some irregular posts about them. Let me show you some random pictures:

I will try to post once per week or two. If I will not - shame on me!

If you have any questions, you can reach me via anonimowyprzyjaciel at gmail dot com.