Thursday, 22 August 2013

Marines #1

Another Chaos Space Marine - just to ensure that there is something going on here.

Arms and legs are from Forge World's MkIV ‘Maximus’ Armour.
Head is from Citadel's Chaos Rhino sprue, backpack from Citadel's Chaos Bikers.
Bolter is converted FW's Umbra Ferrox X10.

Shoulder pads and torso were made from greenstuff. You could already see them here. These were casted in resin, since I've been planning to use them to build even more marines. Not sculpted very well, but I like them. The torso is bulky and slightly bigger than a regular one - which makes for an interesting silhouette - especially when combined with those MkIV legs, which have a rather slim and 'sexy' shape (can you see it? Maybe I'm just cheating myself). Also, flat surfaces make painting much easier.
Oh, and visible white on the base is not there on purpose. I just have to paint it yet.
Take care!

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