Tuesday, 17 September 2013

New lens!

I am testing new lens (or old one - I used to use it with my good old analog Canon) and it seems like a good occassion to post some pictures of my Aspiring Champion. A backpack is on it's place - as I promised it's similar to those carried by GW's noise marines. Heads on GW's backpack are usually gold, but here gold/yellow would probably distract too much, so I went with Caspar-the-ghost-like greys.

I've also decided to repaint the coat of arms. The Eye seems to fit chaotic Evil devotee style much better, doesn't it?

Also, I need to comment on the colour differences between previous and new pictures. It's always good to remember how much reprocessing can change the reception of a painted miniature. In case you wonder which pictures are more similar to the "actual" miniature - old or new ones - there is no true answer. :)

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