Sunday, 6 April 2014

Some shoulder pads and some resin casting

One detail from my Tyrant miniature that I was really happy about was a shoulder pad with an androgynous character sculpted on it (or a badly sculpted female character - if you prefer to view it from another angle). Ever since I've wanted to resculpt it in the regular space marine scale. So, I've managed to do so and it seemed to look good enought that I've decided to cast it in resin (with an idea of using it on multiple models from my expanding collection).

Well, only after taking some pictures of it I've noticed that the sculpt have some flaws and generally speaking, it doesn't look as it should (be honest - it looks awful). Anyway, it is already casted and probably some greenstuff here and there should make it a right (while enforcing some diversity, if I decide to really use it on multiple models).

It also seems that I've made myself a habit of retouching my "old" unfinished miniatures - this time I am working on a... space marine with a bird mask. As a sneak peek - an old photo:

In a few days, I will try to post some more recent WIP pictures, hopefully along with a longer comment about the whole concept of this miniature, inspiration and whatnot. Take care!

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